About Kahawia Pantyhose

There’s a huge amount of variation ranging from very light skin tones to the darkest skin on a global level and everything in between.

We embarked on a journey of ensuring we cater for the beautiful skin tone variations that are found in Africa by finding the perfect tones of brown.We summarized our journey in one name, Kahawia, meaning brown in Kiswahili.

At Kahawia, we bring the colour!

  • Ashley, Westlands, Kenya

    Lovely products. I was able to use samples provided in the store to determine my perfect skin tone match. I will definitely be coming back!

  • Samantha, Kiambu, Kenya

    Product quality is top-notch. Delivery is fast. Customer service is AMAZING. I honestly can’t recommend them enough.

  • Caroline, Ngong Road, Kenya

    I received the tights and they fit perfectly! Loving the colour too…will definitely be ordering more soon.